Counseling Services

Counseling for individuals, couples & families. My orientation incorporates wellness perspectives, positive psychology principles, and mind-body-spirit approaches. 

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Useful for specific symptom and behavioral control such as : 

  • Reducing cravings characteristic of addiction
  • Smoking cessation
  • Reducing nail-biting and other anxious behaviors
  • Promoting sleep quality for those with difficulty sleeping 
  • Pain management strategies 
  • Stress management techniques

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  • Clearing deep emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blockages to allow for healing to progress quickly 
  • Releasing old, unhelpful conclusions about yourself and unconscious decisions about how to behave
  • Calling in new conclusions about yourself and more conscious ways of walking in the world
  • Age regression work and inner child healing

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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy 

& Spiritual Healing

  • Womb and birth trauma regression 

  • Past-life regression and healing 

  • Soul retrieval 

  • Cutting intergenerational ties and healing generational wounds

  • Ancestral healing  

  • Terminal illness and end-of-life preparation for crossing over

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Trauma Healing

  • Therapeutic work to address physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse; physical or emotional neglect; family of origin trauma/dysfunction, as well as single-event trauma 
  • Treatment for PTSD and Complex PTSD symptoms 
  • Trauma healing from a comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach 
  • Address the active wounds and distress created by the pain of the trauma itself, as well as healing for the normative experiences and/or developmental lessons that trauma steals 

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Healthy Relationships

  • Assistance with communication struggles and improvement‚Äč
  • Support during relationship changes, challenges and growth processes
  • Improve relationship with the Self
  • Parenting support for raising healthy happy children
  • Codependency issues for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts
  • Managing especially challenging relationships and healthy boundaries
  • Grief and loss support due to bereavement 

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