Areas of Clinical Specialization

Counseling services are available for individuals, couples & families.

Healthy Relationships

  • Assistance with communication struggles and communication improvement​
  • Support during relationship changes, challenges and growth processes
  • Improve your relationship with the Self within the relationship
  • Parenting support for raising healthy happy children
  • Codependency issues for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts
  • Managing especially challenging relationships and healthy boundaries

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Trauma Healing

  • Therapeutic work to address physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse; physical or emotional neglect; family of origin trauma/dysfunction, as well as single-event trauma 
  • Treatment for PTSD and Complex PTSD symptoms 
  • Trauma healing from a comprehensive mind-body-spirit approach 

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Wellness Counseling

  • Improving our quality of life and life satisfaction

  • Cultivating joy and gratitude

  • Improving strategies to manage stress due to work, school, relationships, caring for children\ or elderly parents, finances, and social pressures

  • Removing the blocks/obstacles we can find when trying to nourish our mind, body, and spirit
  • Building resilience and equanimity during challenging moments

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Addiction & Recovery

  • Assessment to determine if you or a loved one may be struggling with substance abuse or dependence
  • Guidance to connect with one of the many pathways towards recovery 
  • Support for the identified patient and family

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Dual-Diagnosis Counseling

  • Assessment for dual-diagnosis of mental health and substance abuse issues 
  • Help navigating the challenges of dual recovery
  • Individual and family support

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Clinical Specializations to Serve People with Unique Needs

Counseling services are available for individuals, couples & families.

LGBT+ Community

As both a member of the LGBT community, and as a professional who was trained in an LGBT+ specialized clinic, I can offer a unique lens:

  • During the process of sexuality/gender exploration, if questioning one's identity
  • During the process of coming out 
  • Navigating life choices, decisions and experiences as a person with a queer identity, and/or as an LGBT couple or family
  • During the process of  gender-identity transition

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People With Chronic/Severe Medical

  • Support in living with medical conditions such as chronic pain, terminal illness, HIV+ status, health related quality of life issues, etc. 
  • Therapeutic interventions for the identified patient, as well as caregivers and loved ones
  • Addressing the multi-layered stressors that come with chronic medical issues such as financial worries, social pressures, and the impact on work, parenting, emotional resources/depletion

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Spiritual Needs

  • For many people, the integration of their spirituality in the healing process is important
  • Incorporating spiritual beliefs and practices in healing work, relational counseling, and the human growth and development process was an integral part of my training and important to me as well 
  • I can help facilitate this process of spiritual integration, as you are invited to bring to the conversation your personal spiritual beliefs, practices, and values 
  • I can also bring to the table insights and wisdom gleaned from 18 years studying and practicing Buddhism and Eastern spirituality, as well as walking the Good Red Road of Native American spirituality  

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